Two exciting ways to support new learners of English


Do you have very new learners of English?

Are you able to meet their specific learning needs in your classes?

Are you struggling to support teacher aides working with these students?


The English Language Resources Centre provides innovative online support for teachers and teacher aides working with new learners of English.


Partnering with Professionals includes teaching and learning resources plus weekly online support for teachers and teacher aides.



We have been extremely pleased with the high standard and quality of service offered by Breda Matthews from the English Language Resource Centre. .... All students have made progress against the English Language Learning Progressions.... Breda's support for our learning assistant has been invaluable and unwavering .... The learning assistant's growth in her role ... would not have happened to the same extent without her support.


Jeremy Marshall, Marlborough Boys College



Congratulations to New Plymouth Boys High School!

2nd in the annual international competition for Time spent learning and Points earned per learner.


The Learning Village

is an online, interactive programme based on sound pedagogical

principles. It can be used in both primary and secondary contexts. Student have access to the programmme 24 / 7.


Want to learn more about either programme?

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